Helping you engage your patients

Just as you work in partnership with your patients to help them stay actively engaged in their own health, we understand and promote the positive impact long-term patient engagement can have.

We’ve got your patients covered

Because Quest Diagnostics is a participating provider with most major health plans across the Southeast, your patients have broad, in-network access. That means lower out-ofpocket costs, so more patients can afford and are more likely to comply with the testing you order.

Convenient Patient Service Centers

Over 150 Patient Service Centers across the Southeast make it easy for your patients to get the tests they need at a time and place most convenient for them. This convenience helps ensure that your patients don’t miss out on the key tests you need to help them make informed decisions about their health.


With MyQuest, patients can get results anytime, anywhere, on any device. They can also schedule lab testing appointments and track health conditions—important steps in increasing overall patient satisfaction scores.

Personalized medicine

Personalized medicine relies on tests to help determine an individual’s response to certain medications.

Personalized medicine takes into account your patients’ unique genetic makeup. Unlike “genetic medicine,” which is directed at inherited diseases like sickle cell anemia, personalized medicine can help you tailor treatment for conditions such as heart disease and deep vein thrombosis. This enables you to focus on prevention, detection, and early intervention, leading to better patient health.

Translating data into targeted treatment

Your patients’ genetic makeup also affects which medicines work best for them—and how they respond to treatment. With key genetic insights about your patients, you can make more informed treatment plans based on both:

  • The likelihood of the patient being affected by a condition or disease
  • Clinical data from laboratory tests

While there are limited applications of personalized medicine available today, Quest Diagnostics is committed to helping you stay at the forefront of the future of medicine so that you and your patients can make more informed choices that lead to better health.

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