Tools and services that can optimize care

Actionable insights that can lead to better outcomes

We know that practicing medicine here in the Southeast can be challenging—you face increased demands and greater limits on your time.

Partnering with Quest can help you bring those challenges into balance, with clinical decision support tools that help you derive the greatest benefit from every test result and every patient encounter.

We call it value beyond the result, because the result that matters most is the better health for your patient.

A wide range of diagnostic tests

You see patients with a wide range of testing needs, from screening to differential diagnosis to disease and treatment monitoring.

Across the Southeast, the devastating effects of the prescription drug epidemic, high rates of HIV diagnoses, and an increase in HCV cases are affecting patients of all races, genders, and age groups.

Our comprehensive test menu provides insights on these key areas so you can tailor each patient’s treatment appropriately.

  • Hepatitis C
Hepatitis C virus screening, treatment, and monitoring

The CDC calls hepatitis C virus infection “an unrecognized health crisis in the United States” and recommends that anyone born between 1945 and 1965 get tested for the disease. With a rising baby-boomer population across the Southeast, and a signi cant concern that the majority of people infected are asymptomatic and remain undiagnosed for many years, screening is critical. Quest Diagnostics supports you in the ght against hepatitis C with highly accurate screening.

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  • HIV
HIV screening, treatment, and monitoring

Although now manageable, HIV is still a significant concern in the Southeast among the sexuallyactive population, typically ages 13-64. Further, nearly one out of every six HIV-infected persons is unaware of his or her infection. That means they are unable to benefit from clinical care and may be transmitting HIV unknowingly. To help you and your patients understand their status swiftly, Quest Diagnostics offers Fourth Generation HIV screening. This allows detection of infection 0 to 20 days (median, 5-7 days) before third generation immunoassays, to help reduce transmission rates.

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  • Prescription drug misuse
Prescription Drug Monitoring

Particularly in the Southeast, prescription drug abuse is on the rise and is an increasing public health concern. Through Quest Diagnostics, you can use our broad test menu for chronic pain patients, illicit drugs, and designer drugs, so that you always know your patients’ compliance status. You also have access to toxicologists through Quest’s toxicology hotline, as well as enhanced medMATCH® results reporting for the best possible insight.

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  • Women’s health
Women’s health

Women’s healthcare spans the continuum of care, from routine screenings to complex genetic testing. Quest Diagnostics offers testing for each stage of a woman’s life. We have over 700 genetic tests, delivering physicians across the Southeast the insights you need to help patients take steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We understand the importance of Paps, and we double-screen them from any patient that you indicate is high risk.

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Proven, published practice parameters at your fingertips 24/7

We offer an established library of test algorithms* that are available when you need them, no matter where you are. These algorithms:

  • Cover a broad range of conditions and diseases
  • Are based on published practice parameters to optimize efficiency and patient outcomes
  • Are available online 24/7

Each algorithm is based on the best expert scientific and clinical knowledge available today, empowering both you and your patients with the insights you need to make informed healthcare decisions.

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Streamline healthcare delivery

When it comes to healthcare, we know that efficiency is top of mind. By providing timely access to the vital information you need, we can help you better the health of your patients—and your practice.

Quanum EHR

A suite of health information technology solutions that can help increase efficiency and profitability and reduce the administrative burden. With Quanum EHR, you can access health records anytime, anywhere.

Interactive Insights by Quanum

Enhanced reporting that helps to simplify results and interpretation and supports meaningful conversation between you and your patients.

Complement Your Expertise with Ours

In addition to our local experts, our nation-wide network of more than 700 medical and scientific experts are available for live consultations to help advise you and your patients on optimal testing, genetic counseling and more.

Optimize your clinical decisions

We offer a broad array of integrated laboratory testing services that were designed to help you optimize your clinical decisions for patient diagnosis, treatment and management. Our seamless technology solutions can deliver the insights you need to make informed patient care decisions.

Our Quanum suite of data analytics helps you analyze, connect, and engage the entire healthcare team with the right datasets to help improve outcomes. Data Diagnostics patient-specific, real-time analytics can be accessed on demand at the point of care. We integrate with nearly 600 EHR systems, allowing you insight into the world’s largest datasets of clinical, claims, quality and laboratory data for expert decision support.